I’m Casey Ann Irwin, and before you read the bio, here’s what you really need to know. I’m passionate about following Christ. And I care deeply about leading individuals, ministries, churches, and any other group I’m called to, towards God’s highest potential for their life. In theological terms, I truly believe God calls us to journey towards holiness empowered by the Holy Spirit.

That being said, I tend to say and do things that others won’t. I’ve been called naively optimistic, but in clergy leadership, that’s really what my job is about. I get to lead towards a vision that others may not see yet, to claim the kingdom of God both now and forever. And I’m the one who’s pretty excited and joyful to share it. Loudly. Joyfully. Sometimes while excitedly waving my arms. Sometimes while slowly bowing my head. I’ve even had a group cha-cha down the aisle in worship… (Seriously, watch this video. I’m only a little bit crazy)

I’m an ordained elder (clergy) in the UMC, and though my connection has been through West Ohio, I’m now living back in my home state of Tennessee. I’ve been professional clergy since 2010, though I’ve been in servant ministry my whole life. With the move back to TN, I took leave from full-time ministry and am using my undergraduate degree as a Middle School  teacher. It sounds like an odd shift, but I’m loving the sabbath and look forward to finding a good balance of the two roles in the coming years.

I’m also married to an amazing man who also teaches. We have 2 adorable kiddos and 2 crazy (but very clean) cats. We really are enjoying being back near mountains again. For fun, we enjoy time outdoors- hiking, rockclimbing, family walks- and a lot of movies together. For a while we all took karate together. On my own, I run, tap dance, crochet, watch standup comedy, or read incessantly.


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