And now for more beautiful chaos

I’m baaaack!

Though my readership is next to nothing, minus my husband and mother (hi you guys!), I still feel the need to write. It’s been literal chaos in our lives since my last postings and I lost the heart to do more than simply survive each day and tend to my family.

Due to some circumstances best discussed in private, I chose to leave my congregation and take personal leave from ministry. My soul has been weary for a while and 2017 was a doozy leadership-wise. After some discernment, we chose to move close to my family and assist with some ongoing needs, as well as get some much needed grandparent-backup.

With so many decisions to make  so quickly, that beautiful chaos I love so much lost a bit of its luster. But after 5 months of leave, it’s slowly returning to glorious beauty. To afford the move, I chose a return to my teaching background, and am currently a 6th grade Science teacher and softball coach. *Gasp* the pastor teaches science! Seriously though, I find the organized chaos of the natural world to mirror so well the journey of faith all creation takes. I mean, after teaching Christian perfection to adults, teaching thermal energy transfer methods to 11-year-olds is a cakewalk. Or a pizza. I definitely used both to teach that unit.

*Sidenote* I must say “seriously” an awful lot as my daughter regularly uses that word to activate Siri on my phone.

Ultimately, my anxiety is much lower in this current role and as we visit churches I’m looking forward to the season of supportive leadership and writing that’s in front of me. God’s got my ideas brewing and my heart stirring, but now I’ve got a bit more of peace that passes all understanding and some healing for all the hurts churches can inflict on their leadership. It’s a process, but a chaotic and beautiful one that I relish.


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