Ruth Study- Week 6

We’ve finished our reading and it’s time to see what God has done.

No video this week, just some questions to engage your heart and mind with this text. Before you go any further, offer a prayer of thanks, and then make a list of what was most important about our study together.

  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you encounter a new truth of God?
  • Did you catch the threads of redemption woven through this book of the Bible?
  • Did you find yourself in the midst of God’s story?
  • How does this extravagant love and strategic maneuvering affect your work in the world today?


Here are questions from the Reading Guide for week 6. If you want a copy of the full Reading Guide, pick one up in our Ministry Center at CVUMC or click through to find print versions.


Reread the book of Ruth once more as you contemplate our “gleanings”.

  • Where is the name of God written in this book? Does that change anything for you?
  • Who caused these situations, God or the people?
    • Was it manipulative?
    • Does is matter?
  • What lingering questions do you have about Ruth?
    • About Jewish culture?
    • About our Judeo-Christian heritage?


Lord teach us to walk in the ways of your redeeming love, no matter the sacrifice. Guide our hearts and minds to recognize your love for those around us, and teach us to participate in that work of redemption. God of all, transform our broken lives into your image of grace and truth by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


If you want to go through the study in order or revisit your favorite week, here are the links:


Here’s a list of resources I used for writing this study, and a few books to spur you onwards in your journey of faith:







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