Ruth Study- Week 5

Redemption. Having your brokenness restored. For God-followers, redemption isn’t just about the restoration, but about the holiness that comes through being made whole. God is seeking the redemption of the world. We experience glimpses and pieces of it now, knowing the ultimate redemption comes through salvation in Jesus Christ and a world that truly is the kingdom of God. So this week we see the glimpse of redemption in Ruth’s story, for her, for Boaz, for Naomi, and for the generation to come. How is your life being redeemed by the one who loves you beyond all measure?


Here are questions from the Reading Guide with a few extra additions from my own experiences. If you want a copy of the full Reading Guide, pick one up in our Ministry Center at CVUMC or click through to find print versions.

Reading Guide- Ruth 4

IV. The Roots of Israel’s Redemption (4:1-22)

A. Boaz settles the matter (4:1-11a)

1. The trap is bated and set (4:1-4)

2. The trap is sprung (4:5-6)

3. Legal formalities (4:7-11)

B. Naming the Mothers of the Messiah (4:11b-17)

1. Blessing the union (4:11b-12)

2. Redemption incarnate (4:13-17)

C. David’s Family Tree (4:18-22)


  • Is Boaz being respectful or manipulative in approaching the kinsman-redeemer in 4:1-6?
  • When has God offered you an unexpected solution to a problem, or relief?
  • Read 4:11-12. Is a comparison to Judah and Tamar appropriate for a blessing? (Reread Genesis 38 if you are not familiar with the story)
    • Why do you think their lineage is included as blessing?
  • When have you, like Ruth & Boaz, sacrificed your name or benefits for the sake of another?
  • God persisted in loving Naomi in the face of her bitterness, denial, and manipulation. When have you experienced or pursued someone with that kind of persistent love?

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