Ruth Study- Week 4

Ruth chapter 3 reminds us of our active participation in the work of God. God is redeeming, but God also desires for us to discern the plan and respond. Read the chapter, watch the teaching, and consider how Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz put into action steps towards God’s redemptive work in the world.


Here are questions from the Reading Guide with a few extra additions from my own experiences. If you want a copy of the full Reading Guide, pick one up in our Ministry Center at CVUMC or click through to find print versions.


Ruth 3
III. Uncovering and Recovering (3:1-18)

A. The Plan: Uncovering (3:1-7)

B. Recovering: Midnight on the Threshing Floor (3:8-13)

C. The Beginning of an End to Emptiness (3:14-18)


  • Is this marriage Boaz’s inclination, traditional piety, or entrapment?
    • economic need, loving relationship, or shamed into duty?

In our family, every search or prayer for a job change is a huge step of faith. (We’re millennials, so we’ve both worked multiple part-time and full-time positions.) And yet every time we step out, or say yes, God provides in abundance over time. Whether it’s a raise or a cost-of-living decrease or networking that eventually results in employment, every scenario that feels desperate soon becomes fruitful as we pray for open doors and we run through them at full sprints!

  • When have you tried something new to guarantee security or economic stability?
    • How has God provided as you step out in faith?
  • Read again Boaz’s actions to redeem Naomi’s family. When have you experienced this type of unmerited favor?


This week’s points of interest

  1. Hebrew is ambiguous
  2. It’s not enough to simply pray for an open door, we also have to walk through it.
  3. God is in the practice of redeeming desperate situations.


Join me in prayer:
O Lord, how absolutely necessary Your grace is for me, both to begin a good work and to persevere until I accomplish it. Without grace I can do nothing (Jn 15:5), but I can do all things in You, when Your grace strengthens me (Ph 4:13). Thank you for your grace that goes before me and follows me through my daily life through Jesus Christ. Amen.



Share your thoughts in the comments below, or click back through other weeks to catch up and study along with us!


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