Ruth Study- Week 3

We meet again, after some difficult self-reflection. Our past decisions and current conundrums can be difficult to cope with. However, God offers us not only the testimony of people who have gone before us, but also the hope of redemption even in the worst circumstances. This week we’re in chapter 2 of Ruth, exploring what happens as the women settle into life in Bethlehem.

Here are questions from the Reading Guide with a few extra additions from my own experiences. If you want a copy of the full Reading Guide, pick one up in our Ministry Center at CVUMC or click through to find print versions.


Week 3 Reading Guide- Ruth 2

II. Known and Unknown (2:1-23)
A. Portrait of a “worthy” man (2:1-16)
1. “Happening” to find the right field (2:1-7)
2. Boaz “notices” Ruth (2:8-16)
B. “Kindness” has not forsaken living or dead (2:17-23)

  • Who in our world faces the same kinds of problems as Naomi and Ruth? (lack of resources, gleaning from others, living on charity without employment) Consider both local and global communities.
  • What would have happened to Ruth if Israel had an immigration policy? Does this challenge or affirm your view on modern immigration laws? Explain.
    • How do you co-mingle your faith and your political stances? (keep it civil friends!)
  • Read 2:8-16 How does Boaz protect Ruth as she works?
    • Do you consider Boaz to be a respectable man, as he is named in verse 1? What are his motivations for acting as he does towards Ruth?
  • Boaz, regardless of motivation is used by God for redemption. When has circumstance allowed you to act as God’s agent for redemption?


This week, pray for those who do not have enough. Record any thoughts as you pray for the following:

  • for redemption
  • for resources
  • for relationships that can relieve the poverty



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