Things to do before I’m 30

🎤It’s my birthday today, yes it is, yeehaw!🎉

Today I’m 29, and in honor of that utterly boring number, I’m making a list of all the things I’m determined to do before I’m 30. I asked around to friends and family, and most of their suggestions involved my two greatest fears (free fall and drowning) or were entirely too expensive for me to accomplish is year (all sorts of crazy road trips and adventures). But, with all the suggestions, I’ve narrowed down my list to the following items that match my current budgetary and life stage constraints:

Before I’m 30, I will…

  1. Finish 3 crochet projects
  2. Take a ballroom dance class
  3. Learn a new dance routine
  4. Take a “hot yoga” class (Hot as in temperature)
  5. Revist my pointe shoes (that’s as ambitious as I can get til I try them again. It’s been years!)
  6. Learn to play drums (at least a little bit)
  7. Climb a mountain, or at least part of one (it’s been far too long since I’ve hiked and climbed)
  8. Go rock climbing (if I’m going to mountain climb, I might as well clip in an climb some real rocks again while I’m out there)
  9. Visit Disney World with my family- November 2016!
  10. Run an entire 10k (no walking)
  11. Lose the baby weight from kid #2
  12. Be a part of a flash mob. Yes, I’m a millennial who’s never done this. Shocker.
  13. Sing karaoke
  14. Sketch out plans for writing a book (maybe even write it!)
  15. Start a DMin degree program
  16. Visit San Francisco. Hopefully, this and Palo Alto are happening in summer 2017.
  17. See a musical (even if it’s a local production)
  18. Plant a tree
  19. Finish all of my sewing projects (mainly patching holes, but my sewing basket has gotten a bit out of control)
  20. Go ice skating again
  21. Go white-water rafting (oh river of death, it has been too long!)
  22. Finally revisit my Greek textbooks, and finish them!
  23. Keep up with my blog! That means regularly scheduled posts, and hopefully create a bit of a following
  24. Write my will. And my husband’s. Just in case some of these adventures go awry. I mean we’re trained on high ropes and rapids, but still…
  25. Prayer walk my community once a month for the entire year


29 sounds like a spectacular year of fun and personal growth. Check back for updates on my adventures.

Feel free to comment with other suggestions! I’d love to keep adding and at least make it to 30 before 30. Just remember-

  • no free fall
  • no strong possibilities of drowning
  • if it’s over $100, suggesting the activity means you’re offering to pay for it


Ready, go!


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