It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

Have you ever felt utterly inadequate? Often we’ll hear a dramatic conversion story, or a miraculous work of faith, or a long-suffering follower of Christ, and feel like our story will never measure up. The people we call heroes of our faith often feel mythical, unattainable, far beyond what we could ever do or be… “Yes, that’s incredible! Praise God! But I could never do that…” or “What a miracle! My faith seems so mundane compared to them.” Yet when we probe the Scriptures and the full stories behind the miraculous testimonies, we don’t find Superman or Wonder Woman or an elite breed of humans. In fact, the people we call great followers of God are no different than ourselves.
People who try and fail.
People who question if they’re really called to a new task.
People who shake their fist at God, or run away frightened.
People who fear letting God down.
People who live quiet lives of mundane faithfulness.

These are the stories of our “Heroes of Faith”. Ordinary people whom God uses for extraordinary kingdom work. We’ll spend the next 2 months in worship letting these stories, these testimonies, encourage and challenge our faith. Elijah, Daniel, Deborah, Ruth, Gideon, Nehemiah, and so many others—all people who followed God, and in their faithfulness, God used them to transform the world around them. How can their successes and struggles draw us closer to Jesus Christ? Get your cape and mask ready, it’s time to unleash our lives as HEROES!