Journaling through life

From the title, you probably think I’m an avid journaler (is that a word?). Recording my thoughts rarely feels helpful. If I’ve already taken the time to think it, then writing it feels like a tedious exercise. An obvious extension of that is my inability to blog regularly, even monthly.

So thank you for your patience, as I learn this rhythm of blogging. See, unless I’m writing a sermon, I find it much easier to express myself in poetry than in prose. It’s less topical and more pensive. I enjoy the wordplay, the movement of the text, the form versus content tension. So today, I wanted to return to the blogosphere with this piece I wrote in my first blog on xanga, many years ago. (Does anyone remember xanga? I just found out it’s still an active site!) I also published it in Devozine┬áthat year.

Circa 2005

Sometimes I wonder how my life would be
If I ever stopped anticipating
And just enjoyed the moment
If I remembered that God has a plan
And perfect timing
That every moment I wait prepares me
For a result that is greater
Than I could ever imagine.
Sometimes I wonder why I can’t trust
My God
And just wait.