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Creality CR-10 vs Creality CR-10S Specs:

Both Printer:

-Open Source: In the spirit of innovation and progress, we have decided to make our firmware and design plans available to all for extensive modding and improvements. We hope to create a large community of users who contribute to the project, ultimately resulting in a better product for all.
- Supports PLA, TPU, Abs Filaments.
- High Precision Prints.
Creality CR Series features a linear bearing system, along with the extruded aluminum struts, the V-Slot" wheels offer excellent dimensional stability even during extended use, works well to provide a smooth and steady motion system that reflects in the high quality of prints.. you can print with this ‘DIY Kit'
- Large build area of 300x300x400mm and features a quality glass print bed coming with well-rounded edges and is a perfect fit for the aluminum plate below. A biggest highlights of CR 10Series is its bigness and price range of $300-$400.
- It comes with a separated LCD control box, SD Card support for offline printing as well as a USB adapter cable for linking it to computers. They are easy, quick and convenient to assemble right out of the box.

- Thermal Runaway Protection Function Added

CR-10S Added on:

1. Filament-out detection. As a large 3D printer as this with long-running print jobs is likely to run out of filament more often than not. it sends out alerts and brings the printing to a halt if the filament runs out.
2. Printing Resume. It allows the printer to resume printing right from where it stopped, in case of power outages.

3. Dual Z-axis and Dual Motor. Dual Lead Screw Z-axis design, give much stablitity and accuracy than signle lead screw models.
4. Main Board Version: Creality V2.2 Mainboard For CR-10S, the firmware could be modified with USB Cable.


CR 10S parameter

Machine color Orange、 blue、 black(optional)
Forming technology FDM
Print size 300×300×400mm
Machine net weight 9kg
Packing weight 13.8Kg
Nozzle Diameter Standard 0.4mm
Control system Win、 xp、 mac、 vista、 Linux
Software Cura、 Simplify3D、 Repetier-host
File format STL、 OBJ、G-Code
Print speed Normal 60mm/s. Max 100mm/s
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Support filament PL/ABS/TPU/wood/carbon fiber/Copper
Power requirement Input:110V-220V, Output 12V, Power 270W
Creality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D PrinterCreality CR-10S 3D Printer
Mainboard Firmware, Bl touch, Open Source/SD Card Files Download
BL Touch For CR 10S(8 Bit)
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Official CR 10S 3D Printer(U.S. STOCK ONLY)
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